Quick Coat Epoxy Resin Kits

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Quick Coat Epoxy has a 15-minute working time after your epoxy resin and hardener have been mixed at a 1:1 ratio! Perfect for creating FAST and EASY works of art using epoxy resin from Stone Coat Countertops!

Quick Coat cures in 3-4 hours after it’s been mixed and applied! Be sure to color your epoxy or woodworking project with Metallic Powder, Mica Powder, Glitter Powder, Alumilite Liquid Dye, or other epoxy color additives!

Because of its fast curing time, Quick Coat is perfect for sealing or filling gaps, holes, and voids with ease! Great for gluing pieces of wood or sealing the edges of live wood slabs!

Create stunning river tables, driftwood, geodes, or other woodworking projects in a matter of minutes! 

Quick Coat is also recommended for small epoxy projects! Create epoxy jewelry, tumblers, magnets, coasters, ash trays, and so much more! Quick Coat is even compatible with silicone molds!

*Quick Coat is meant to be used primarily as a sealer or gap filler. For refinishing surfaces, we recommend our Art Coat Epoxy or Stone Coat Epoxy.